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Car lease or car loan? Pros and Cons

Who owns the property, what happens in the event of default or liquidation, and what is the speed of administration? In the current economic climate, despite the recent positive changes, most funding financial institutions still do not feel secure, which has led to a decline in their risk appetite – making it much more difficult Read More

Important Factors to Consider Before Taking a Car Loan

Have you become more in the family or is it just time to buy a new car? In addition to which brand, model and color you should choose, you are probably also thinking about how to best finance your car purchase. There are few people who can afford to step into the car dealership and Read More

Concrete examples of loans without guarantees: how to get them

Could I get a loan without collateral? Let’s face it: in the absence of a permanent contract, a pension or something very tangible that may reassure the bank or every other funding body, it is rather complicated that the loan application is accepted. Complicated but not impossible: in fact there are at least several specific Read More

The steps of a credit redemption | Loan consolidation

Although a credit buy-back has a different structure from a conventional credit or loan, the steps for buying credits begin in the same way as a conventional loan or loan. The differences will be on the structure of the file itself and the purpose of the purchase of credits. Here we describe the different steps Read More

Credit Income Calculator | credit calculator.

  In the income section you pay your monthly net salary or your household calculator. Comparison of income and expenses What is the monthly loan interest that you can invest in real estate financing? Your regular income after deducting taxes and social security contributions can be entered here. If your net salary fluctuates, calculate an Read More

Mortgage Broker, Credit Redemption: Tarn 81

Mortgage rates To know the mortgage rates in the Tarn, you can consult our barometer rates. Your mortgage in the Tarn Choosing a mortgage broker Our specialists assure you the best rates in force and the best conditions. Through our services, you will have access to all banks, insurance borrowers and local knowledge of our Read More

Credit Revoke Form | Revoke credit

 A right of revocation remains after the conclusion of a loan agreement. We explain how and when a credit agreement can be revoked. Attention: The cancellation does not always work. Conversely, the bank will not thank you in the future if you do not revoke now. This succeeds in the legally effective revocation of loans Read More

Finance Apartment | Housing finance

  What should you consider when financing and relocating? Numerous translated example sentences with “apartment finance” – English-German dictionary and search engine for millions of English translations. Financing apartment customs?  And he must, exclude his country of origin three years of working life, pay for the cost of living of the host family alone. 90% Read More