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Who owns the property, what happens in the event of default or liquidation, and what is the speed of administration? In the current economic climate, despite the recent positive changes, most funding financial institutions still do not feel secure, which has led to a decline in their risk appetite – making it much more difficult for customers to purchase either real estate or vehicles. See for an example

The main difference between a car loan and a car lease is that the leasing object (car, motor, boat, real estate, etc.) remains in the ownership of the lender until the end of the term, ie the risk of the lessor is significantly lower than that of the lenders. The lessee is also better off because he does not need to have additional cover (since he is not the owner until the end of the term). Because of the lower risk, financial institutions consider this form of financing safer, and prospective clients find it easier to obtain the necessary funding.


What happens if I fail to pay?

car loan

As the leasing object is the property of the financial institution, you can find a new lessee at any time without payment, without payment of a transcription fee and lengthy administrative procedure. Conventional loans, such as car repossessions, such as a car loan, require much more time for the bank to sell the repossessed vehicle or real estate, as it is not the owner.


What happens when a company is liquidated?

car loan

Again, the advantage of leasing over credit is significant. If a company goes into liquidation, the leasing company retains ownership of the object it leases. If repossessed, the lessor will be able to sell it relatively quickly and on favorable terms (free of charge for two years) and will not have to contribute in any way to the cost of liquidation. The situation is different in the case of a loan: car loan, real estate loan: the car or property borrowed is part of the business assets, the liquidator is responsible for the liquidation or execution procedure. If the collateral is sold, then the enforcement costs, liquidator’s fees, unpaid wages, etc. will be deducted from it, so the lender will not get the full amount from the sale of the collateral.


Simpler administration

car loan

Because the lender has ownership of the leasing asset and can use it unlimitedly in the event of default, the judgment process is faster, smoother, compared to loans where more paperwork precedes the disbursement due to the greater risk: can pay the money. In addition, a leasing contract is concluded without the involvement of a notary, which is an additional cost and time advantage in addition to the leasing.

Thanks to the new regulations, real estate and car leasing can be simpler, faster and cheaper. Real estate leasing is the elimination of the double duty and the latter will be able to register the lien quickly, without the assistance of a notary, for only 5000 USD.

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Have you become more in the family or is it just time to buy a new car? In addition to which brand, model and color you should choose, you are probably also thinking about how to best finance your car purchase.

There are few people who can afford to step into the car dealership and buy their new car in cash. And if you belong to the crowd that does not have that opportunity, there are, fortunately, several other ways to go. We have listed some things that are important to consider when deciding how to finance the purchase of your new car. How you choose to go can have quite a significant impact on the total cost.


Review your budget and set a ceiling

Review your budget and set a ceiling

The first thing you should do is figure out how much you can actually afford to put on the car each month. And do not forget that there must be room for all the surrounding costs such as inspection, fuel, tax and service. Then make it easier for yourself by setting a budget ceiling that is reasonable and accommodated in your budget – and do it before you start looking, otherwise it will be easy to get excited and attracted by all the nice cars on the market.


Cash deposit or not

Cash deposit or not

As mentioned, there are different ways to finance the car purchase. A decisive factor is whether you have / want to pay a cash contribution or not. To take out a car loan from a car dealer or a bank requires a cash contribution of 20 percent of the total price of the car. The loan amount is then determined by the size of your cash deposit. If you want greater flexibility regarding loan amounts and want to take out a loan that covers the entire purchase price, it is instead a bank loan that is relevant to you.


Compare interest rates

Compare interest rates

Today, the interest rate on bank loans is usually as advantageous as the interest rate on a car loan. As always when it comes to loans, it is important to compare interest rates at different banks and on the different types of loans that are relevant. To avoid deteriorating creditworthiness due to too many credit reports when applying for multiple loans, it is a good idea to have a loan broker make the comparison for you. In this way, a comparison is made between several different banks on only one credit report. In the end, it also usually results in better conditions and many saved thousands of bills.


Think about the maturity

car loan

Depending on what your conditions look like, you can choose whether you want to repay the car for a longer or shorter period. Go back to your budget and be realistic about how much you can afford to pay each month. In general, shorter maturities mean higher monthly costs but lower total costs and longer maturities mean lower monthly costs but higher total costs. The maximum repayment period on a car loan is usually 5 years. A bank loan has a repayment period of up to 18 years and more flexibility to control the monthly cost.


Can you use the home as security for the car?

car loan

As mentioned, car loans and bank loans usually have equal interest rates. But in most cases, a loan on your home has a lower interest rate, so a good idea might be to check with your current bank if there is space and opportunity to increase the home loan further to buy a car or redeem your current car loan.


Fix financing first

Fix financing first

It can be an advantage to have the financing ready before you go looking at cars. Car dealers often use low-interest car financing as a ploy to attract new customers, but if you have already fixed the financing, it gives you many times more room to bargain the car price – and it almost always pays off.


Future sales

car loan

Worth remembering if you would like your car going forward is that in many cases a car loan will result in lower profits on a sale since the credit is then tied to the car and must be redeemed before it is transferred. A blank loan is not directly linked to the car, which means that you have the opportunity to get a larger sum in connection with sales.

Good luck with your car dealership! We at Tim Ruply are available to you if you have any questions or need help negotiating your interest rates.

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Could I get a loan without collateral? Let’s face it: in the absence of a permanent contract, a pension or something very tangible that may reassure the bank or every other funding body, it is rather complicated that the loan application is accepted. Complicated but not impossible: in fact there are at least several specific forms of loans without guarantees.

Generally speaking, they are limited to the alleged loans of honor and microcredit

The former, in the vast majority of cases, are reserved for students, who for obvious reasons are unable to offer any guarantee. In general, this type of financing is granted directly by the universities or schools which have signed agreements with banks or financial institutions, or by managing funds from Europe.

Student loans are extremely advantageous because they are granted without guarantees and with very favorable repayment plans (minimum rates and flexibility), giving the likelihood to many young people with limited financial resources to complete their studies or attend master’s degrees. in some cases even abroad.

Another story is microcredit, a type of loan specialized in those who want to develop another entrepreneurial project


For an eye to young people less 35, women and the out of work. Funding usually reaches currently the EU, is managed through the process of public bodies (regions, coin, municipalities) and granted without having to present any guarantee (of course, a credible project should be presented). Even in the case to microcredit, the conditions are more tea leaf facilitated, precisely in order to enable the beneficiaries to start the new hobby without the burden of unsustainable obligations.

On the other hand, secured loans without a guarantor do not protect loans without a pay flow, which however require the main presentation of alternative guarantees something like bills, mortgages, pledges, specific incomes (for example each rent) or the participation among another person from the good attractiveness to a lender, that undertakes to return the additional costs lent in the event of insolvency through the applicant.

Debts 5000 euros Education and also universities

Loans 5000 euros Education and universities


Financial: Standard Loan
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 4. 25%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Funded: € quite a few, 000
Total due: € 5, 558

Monthly installment € 92, 64 Feasibility check 

Financial: Legos
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 4. 91%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Funded: € top five. 146
Total due: € 5. 848

Monthly installment € 95, 07 Feasibility check 

Financial: Legos
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 6. 25%
APRIL: 6. 64%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Backed up: € 5, 000
Total due: € 5. 859

Monthly installment € 97, 25 Feasibility check 

Financial: You Loan
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Changed: 4. 25%
APR: 1. 51%
Loan duration: 60 months
Period Financed: € 5, 258
Total callable: € 7. 845

Monthly part € 97, 41 Feasibility check 

Financial: You Loan
Object: Personal Loan ConTe
TAN Fixed: 4. 25%
APR: 6. 55%
Funding duration: 62 months
Amount Financed: € 5. 263
Total due: € 5. 851

Monthly rate € ninety-seven, 51 Feasibility check 

Financial: FindLoan
Product: “Your Projects” Credit
TAN Corrected: 7. 65%
APR: 14. 92%
Loan duration: 60 months
Enterprise Financed: € 5, 000
Total down: € 8. 033


Compare offers


Discover the latest financial does offer, compare loans online and question the financing that is suitable for your needs.

  • Personal loans

    Measure up 15 financial loans estimate 

  • Car backing

    Save up to € 1, 000 Car loan estimates 

  • Technician loans

    Request to € 60, 000 Request assignment of the fifth 


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Although a credit buy-back has a different structure from a conventional credit or loan, the steps for buying credits begin in the same way as a conventional loan or loan. The differences will be on the structure of the file itself and the purpose of the purchase of credits.

Here we describe the different steps involved in buying back credits and the importance of being accompanied by an expert broker in loan buybacks such as Central Financing.

What are the steps of a credit redemption?

What are the steps of a credit redemption?

Analyze your financial situation and learn about the purchase of credits

Analyze your financial situation and learn about the purchase of credits

To be able to redeem credits in the best conditions, it is necessary to be well prepared and well informed about the purchase of credits. So you can:

You find out on the internet: The Central Financing has compiled in its guide for the redemption of credits, all the information necessary to understand and better understand the purchase of credits. The latter provides valuable information and allows to know all the wheels and technical terms of the purchase of credits.

  • Making a simulation of loan redemption: there are various simulators of credit redemption online but they can have a major flaw, namely the fact of not taking into account the unique and personal character of the borrower profile and propose wrong financing studies. The advisers of Central Financing are experts in the redemption of credits and study case by case each request for the redemption of credits. They are therefore able to provide a detailed simulation of your purchase of credits. Do not hesitate to submit your request for credit redemption to obtain your simulation of redemption of credits personalized and without commitment.

Compare offers to buy credits and contact a professional buying credits

Compare offers to buy credits and contact a professional buying credits

After you are informed about the purchase of credits and have taken stock of your financial situation, the next step is to compare existing offers, start to gather the supporting documents to build your credit buyback file and contact a professional buyout of credits.

Comparing the elements of the redemption of credits: surely the most important step, the comparison of the offers of redemption of credits allows you to obtain the best conditions of financing for your purchase of credits. The main criteria to study are:

  • The loan repayment rate
  • The repayment term of the credit redemption
  • Monthly repayment of credits
  • Insurance of the repurchase of credits
  • The total cost of buying back credits
  • The expenses of record of the repurchase of credits

To have a detailed and relevant analysis in your different comparisons, have a Credit Redemption Specialist from Central Financing. It will save you time and will bring you its expertise impartially. He will compare for you the offers of all banks to bring you the best solution for your purchase of credits.

Gathering documents and supporting documents for the purchase of credits: to anticipate the requests for documents to provide for a redemption of credits, here is a brief list of the supporting documents requested automatically for a repurchase of credits:

  • A copy of the identity document (front/back), identity card, passport.
  • The last three payslips
  • The last three statements of all bank accounts
  • Depreciation schedules and loan offers in progress (those to be redeemed or not)

All the supporting documents and documents to provide for a redemption of credits are detailed in our section justifying the purchase of credits from our guide to the purchase of credits.

Edition of the credit buyback offers and signature of the credit redemption

Edition of the credit buyback offers and signature of the credit redemption

Here we are in the last big step of the redemption of credits: its acceptance. After having received the offer to buy back credits and having signed it, the bank of the loan buyback will then release the funds and “buy back” the loan (s) concerned by the repurchase of credits to the issuing banks of these credits. first loans. It is from this moment that the borrower or the borrowers begin to repay the new loan contracted with the repurchase of credits, under the conditions of rate, maturity and duration defined by the repurchase of credits.

Why involve a broker for a buy back of credits?

Why involve a broker for a buy back of credits?

As said throughout the steps of the purchase of credits, the broker intervenes on all these stages. With the help of the expert advisors in credit buy-back from Central Financing, you are accompanied from the beginning to the end of your credit redemption, the search for information on the redemption of credits, the simulation of redemption of credits., by making contact with a specialist in buying back credits.

The Centrale de Financement realizes for you:

  • The analysis of your situation: with its agreements and partnerships, the broker of redemption of credits knows perfectly its market and the organizations lenders to obtain the best conditions for your purchase of credits
  • Comparison of credit buyback offers: The purpose of the credit buyback broker is to find the best solution and the best deal for your credit buyback. He also knows how to negotiate and defend your project.
  • The mounting of the loan repurchase file: once the first interview is carried out, it is the broker buyback credits that will mount the file, with all documents and vouchers.

The experts in credit buy-back from Central Financing are therefore present for you, to save you time, to share their expertise and to allow you to obtain the best conditions and the most suitable offer for your purchase. of credits. Deposit your request for redemption of credits without commitment to be contacted again by one of our specialists in credit redemption.

Credit Income Calculator | credit calculator. /credit-income-calculator-credit-calculator/ Sat, 29 Jun 2019 07:29:39 +0000 Read More]]>


In the income section you pay your monthly net salary or your household calculator.

In the income section you pay your monthly net salary or your household calculator.

Comparison of income and expenses What is the monthly loan interest that you can invest in real estate financing? Your regular income after deducting taxes and social security contributions can be entered here. If your net salary fluctuates, calculate an average of the past 6 months for monthly data. Give us here the average income from royalties or premiums.

For monthly data, please indicate the mean of the last 6 months. Please note that most financial institutions will only receive credit compensation or bonuses if it can be shown that they have been paid out over several years. You can enter your average income from self-employment after deduction of the tax here.

If you set monthly amounts, calculate the mean of the past 6 years. Here you can enter, if available, the average income from the pension. You can enter your income from investments (eg investment funds, units, etc.) here. Here you can enter your income from corporate investments. Here you can enter the total income from alimony payments.

Maintenance income, for example, includes benefits that a separated or divorced spouse pays for a jointly-educated baby. Here you can enter your monthly rental income from other property assets. Tell us if you are entitled to a homeowner allowance. As a builder or purchaser of self-occupied residential property, whose annual income does not exceed EUR 70,000 (EUR 140,000 for married couples plus EUR 50,000 per child) in the registration year and the previous year together, they are entitled to a residential property allowance by law.

The home ownership allowance currently amounts to 1% of the acquisition and construction costs of the property, but not more than € 1250 per year plus € 800 per child, for which you will receive additional childcare allowance. Note: The homeowner’s allowance is granted only once per capita and lifetime. Here you enter a possible regular income that you get in addition and that you have not mentioned above.

Enter your costs for the life and pension insurance.

Enter here only your own contribution (ie without employer contribution) to the PKV. Enter here your entire legal protection sum. Maintenance payments are, for example, regular benefits for a child not living with you.

The monthly operating expenses include real estate tax, property insurance, waste disposal, street cleaning and maintenance provisions. As a rule, the Sparkasse expects a lump sum of EUR 2 per square meter of usable space. The monthly operating expenses include real estate tax, property insurance, waste disposal, street cleaning and maintenance provisions. As a rule, the Sparkasse expects a lump sum of 2 EUR per square meter of usable space.

Net loan amount EUR 200,000 (purchase price of the property EUR 250,000), repayment 3% pa ​​Duration of the consumer credit agreement 27 years 3 months, 10 years debit interest, 12 installments of E 741.67 per annum If the borrower has granted them under the contract take over, the annual percentage may increase.

The total amount to be paid during the term of the loan is £ 91,500.40. The remaining debt at the end of the commitment period is £ 135,473.32. Perfect income and assets situation, first-rate security on a real estate lien, payment in one amount. With this online calculator you can calculate what has remained after subtracting all your current costs from your monthly net income.


Mortgage Broker, Credit Redemption: Tarn 81 /mortgage-broker-credit-redemption-tarn-81/ Thu, 27 Jun 2019 08:25:24 +0000 Read More]]>

Mortgage rates

Mortgage rates

To know the mortgage rates in the Tarn, you can consult our barometer rates.

Your mortgage in the Tarn

Your mortgage in the Tarn

Choosing a mortgage broker

Our specialists assure you the best rates in force and the best conditions. Through our services, you will have access to all banks, insurance borrowers and local knowledge of our real estate loan brokers in the Tarn to support and finance your property project.
Without commitment, you have the option to file a request for information so that we can conduct a personalized financing study. You can also contact your local agency:

  • Albi – 81000

You can contact us at all stages of your project:

  • Before the project: Our real estate loan advisors are at your disposal to determine your borrowing capacity. At the end of this first meeting, you will have set the maximum acquisition amount, depending on the repayment conditions chosen (rate, amount, duration).
  • If your project is already defined – sales agreement or signed reservation contract – your broker is committed to finding the financing adapted to your real estate project and your needs.
  • If you already have a credit offer with a bank, you can compare it with other banks to reduce your cost of borrowing.

Your credit redemption in the Tarn

Your credit redemption in the Tarn

Our financial advisors also accompany you for your debt buybacks.

  • Repurchase of mortgage loan: Our specialists in real estate loan buyout conduct your financial study and offer you the best solution to take advantage of lower rates.
  • Purchase of credits: Our specialists analyze the structure of your credits and your repayments to propose to group them in one monthly payment. Submit your inquiry without obligation
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 A right of revocation remains after the conclusion of a loan agreement. We explain how and when a credit agreement can be revoked. Attention: The cancellation does not always work. Conversely, the bank will not thank you in the future if you do not revoke now. This succeeds in the legally effective revocation of loans & insurance.

The cancellation of a life insurance: Here, too, there is a wildcard!

The cancellation of a life insurance: Here, too, there is a wildcard!

Legislators have the right to resign not only for loan agreements and financial matters: Consumers should in principle be spared. The cancellation policy also applies to a completed insurance. But what if life insurance contracts contain false claims? Anyone who has already dealt with the cancellation Joker, it suspects: In this case, the buyer has an unlimited right to object to the disposal.

The life insurance policies concluded between 1994 and 2007 contain erroneous information in the insurance contract in more than 60% of cases and permit a late withdrawal. This guide contains all important information about resigning a life insurance policy.

Incidentally, in a specific insured event, the withdrawal is also referred to as a “contradiction”. The associated command can therefore also be referred to as an “Opposition Command”. However, it is also possible to use the generic term “revocation”. Some choose to terminate their life insurance. In no case will you be refunded the amounts already paid. Here, life insurance policies, like a premature repayment, can withhold high premiums.

The situation is different with the resignation of a death insurance – here you can earn several hundred euros, in contrast to the cancellation. It is therefore worth having life insurance policies reviewed before you cancel them, saving you money. If the consumers exercise their right of withdrawal in their death insurance, the insurers must reimburse all deposits.

The insurance company has to pay high interest on the repayment.

Because insurance companies can handle their insured’s premiums and earn profits, consumers are entitled to fair compensation when they sell their life insurance policies. If you cancel your life insurance policy, you can earn 4% to 7% interest on the premiums you have already paid. Remember, the greater the interest required, the sooner your insurance company will reject the appeal.

That does not mean that the effort is not worth it: In this case, let yourself be supported by an experienced lawyer. Similar to the cancellation joker in financial market law, the indefinite right of objection in personal insurance was created by an unresolved legal situation. This is reflected in the judgments of the Land and Higher Regional Courts. For the period of notice of the death insurance until 2008 were two different legal provisions.

But there is more than one BGH judgment on death insurance and its repeal. European law provides that this legal principle of public law also applies to the case of the revocation of an insurance policy. European Council Directive (92/96 / EEC) of 10 October 1992 “on the coordination of laws and directives governing direct life assurance” The difference between the two standards is that the paragraph as amended states that consumers are entitled to it Right of withdrawal for a maximum of one year after the payment of the first insurance policy.

In contrast, there are no restrictions in the European directive: In the case of incorrect instructions, the insured person has an infinite right of withdrawal, since the term never expires. Since the amendment to the law on January 1, 2008, the appeal joker only applies to life insurance policies concluded before that date.

Often minor deviations are sufficient to cast doubt on the legal validity of the instruction. If you take out insurance between June 29, 1994 and December 31, 2007, you should have the policy reviewed by an expert. 2. 60% of these life insurance policies are revocable.

If there is no instruction at all in the insurance contract, you have a permanent right of withdrawal and can declare your withdrawal. Even though the instruction was not emphasized by the remainder of the text, it is considered incorrect. You can also withdraw by e-mail since then. A common mistake lies in the waiting time. Your revocation must clearly show that the timely dispatch of the opposition is reasonable.

If it is specified in your contract that your right of withdrawal arrives before the deadline, this is incorrect. Then he can help you to force the termination of your death insurance. If you want to withdraw your health insurance, the accompanying cover letter should meet certain requirements. Above all, it is important to ensure that you express your will for a clear and unambiguous resignation.

Also make sure the requirements of your choice are clear and take a reasonable amount of time. When canceling life insurance policies, a balance must be found between the interest amount and the payment date. If the insurance companies do not accept the objection of an insurance policy, it may take a long time for the consumers to have their own cash.

Here I refer to the BGH judgment IV No. 76/11 on the resignation of death protection. The reimbursement of my premiums paid plus default interest of [4 to 7%] per year and less the insurance costs that you have sent me since the beginning of the contract. I would like to point out once again that this letter is an objection and not a cancellation by my insurance company.

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What should you consider when financing and relocating?

What should you consider when financing and relocating?

Numerous translated example sentences with “apartment finance” – English-German dictionary and search engine for millions of English translations. Financing apartment customs?  And he must, exclude his country of origin three years of working life, pay for the cost of living of the host family alone.

90% of the family’s new arrivals come over the quotation, of which 80% ladies and gentlemen are annual children. Only the family cars, because a spouse depends three years after his arrival in Austria from the march of the working day.

The implementation of the public service remit as delegated, defined and organized by each Member State and to the extent that such financing does not affect the conditions of trade and competition in the Community to an extent contrary to the common interest; Order to take into account.

From own resources right, tax and insurance contributions), subsidized loans to workers for the construction or purchase of housing (difference between the market interest rate and the interest rate granted), subsidies and subsidies to workers for their housing, facility subsidies, but not relocation allowances. staff (the difference between the payment of market interest and the interest rate granted) the allowances and allowances granted to the salaries in connection with their accommodation and settlement, but without relocation allowances, expenses and tax. s. dix. health and welfare, the most disadvantaged populations.

Criteria fulfills.

Criteria fulfills.

Category which is authorized by the Austrian Financial Market Authority if investments in these instruments are subject to investor protection provisions equivalent to those referred to in points (a) to (c) and if the issuer is either a company with equity of at least EUR 10 million.

The guarantee obligation (interest guarantee risk) and the formed actuarial liabilities are not sufficient to cover future insurance benefits (cover risk). – That means that they can not provide public service and can also be easily provided by the market? Program. Decoration, etc. and areas of innovation, set up, design, move, find a school desk for the little ones). Education of children, etc.